Live Event Productions

Longines Masters, Los Angeles 2017


After completing Longines Master LA 2016 I was asked to help once again in 2017.  Due to the LBCC facility load in, we had to radically alter our design.  I spent days at the LBCC measuring every bit, until we came up with a cost effective stylistic solution.  In June 2017 they decided to move the date to 2018 and to NYC,

I stayed on as a consultant (presently) 2019

Udvar-Hazy Center in Chantilly, Virginia


This was one of my favorite events.  An awards dinner under an F-18 with the space shuttle used for our pre-dinner networking event.  Not your average live event production.  A night to remember.

Goalen Group Media

1st 787 Boeing Dreamliner Delivery, Future of Flight, Seattle


This was my first event with Boeing. It took place at the Air & Space Museum in Seattle, WA.  One of the harder load in's because of the ceiling height, open to the general public during load-in and the artifacts.

Goalen Group Media

1st 787 Dreamliner Delivery, Future of Flight, Seattle


For this event we had the President of ANA Airlines. We hired a composer to write an original score.  We traveled the singer and the entire band and not to mention the Rolls Royce engines used as a backdrop.

Goalen Group Media

Coast to Coast Management and Events, 2017


OK, don't laugh. I was asked to help out on a moments notice  We hired lookalikes for a Corporate networking party.  They were GREAT!  Client and guests had an amazing evening, outside at the LBCC.

Coast to Coast Conferences and Events

Longines Masters, Expo


With a last minute change with our general contractor, given only 6 weeks to create this part of the event, from scratch! We came up with some very clever cost saving and time saving materials, but still giving the client the desired effect.  I was called wonder woman after this deal!