In Development

Producers Guild Holiday Event 2018


This event just completed, it sold out in a week and a half.  Working on next years theme.

Associate Producer: Queen Bess


In the roaring 1920's, when jazz and race riots burn across America, a famulous flapper rishs all to become the first femail African American pilot, helping unit a country divided by race.

$14M Historical Feature Film, filming in the United States & Paris.  

Currently in development. 

LINK to IMBD update

Associate Producer: Global TV Series


Working with Producer and Director out of Australia and China to develop a sales deck to pitch this TV Series.  

Line Producer Film

Dinner Rush


Director of Aquistions, Producer of EPK's, Distribution: Domestic & International Sales, Contracts, Tracking & Reporting.  Worked directly with director Bob Gerald.  In charge of domestic distribution for this film.

Laser Hawk


In charge of Post Production and Special effects work flow.  Los Angeles, Montreal and Vancouver.  Supervised filming, staffing in Montreal and posted on-site in Vancouver, CN.  I later became Director of Aquisitions for Films with the parent company, Greenlight Entertainment working at the studios.

Jurassic Park, Theme Ride


Produced the storyline for the Jurassic Park theme ride at Universal Studio's with  Steven Spielberg and Sir Richard Attenborough.  Got to work with Dinosaurs.  This is still running.

Television Series & Primetime Specials

Martha Stewart Living TV - 26 episodes


Line Produced 26 scripted episodes for Omni Media directly working with Ms. Stewart at her home in Connecticut.  Developed segments, budgets, locations, segments and storylines.  In charge of day to day production, supervised post production/deliverables.

Next Door with Katie Brown - 13 episodes


Line Produced 13 scripted episodes for "Next door with Katie Brown" in Los Angeles.  In charge of the budget, hiring venors and crew, filming schedules/timelines.  I also did extensive research and wrote segments.

What'Z Up - Disney Pilot


Line Producer for Disney's What'Z Up - pilot.  Creating one of a kind segments for kids ages from 6 to 16.  Shot in LA. Extensive scheduling to make all the kids ages and school hours work. Nice show!  Under budget.

Last Call Cheers, Primetime Special


Produced a special to say goodbye to our beloved Cheers.  Watched by 42.4 million households in a 98-minute version.  Worked with the cast and crew of Cheers on the Paramount lot.  Traveled all over the US collecting interviews and going to the original Cheers bar. Budget was really tight but we made it work!

Letters to E.T.Thanksgiving Primetime Special


Producer working with Mr. Spielberg on this special.  It was a heartfelt show about how his book had such an amazing effect on the children and where are they now.  Traveled all over the United States.  One of my favorite projects.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Tour/Special


Line Producer of this world tour, worked with Mr. Saban and his staff creating a live theatrical world tour.  Everything from logistics, staging, costumes and hiring the right cast.  Opening was televised.